Monday, December 19, 2011

Home Alone, and on Craigslist

First the ad, I always thought little Keven sounded sort of "swishy"

The responses I got were few, few but great.

Creepy Guy:

Hey there,

Sounds like fun! I'dove to come over and pound you!

I'm a good looking 50 y/o ddf wm, 5'10", 175 lbs, greying hair, hazel eyes, decent uncut package, very creative, in
Montco. I'm real & definitely interested so let me know how to get a hold of you and let's get busy!!!


Make sure to bring a friend, But be warned I've booby trapped the whole house. If you can make it in I'll be up on the third floor laying on the hide-a-way with Fuller (he wets the bed)

No further response.

Penn Student(I presume):

24 male french light skin , want to join in get back to me asap

I can't get back to you right now, I'm what you french call les incompetents


then when can u get back to me then ? cause i am very interrested

I'm too busy making ornaments out of fish hooks

i am sure u could spare a few hours maybe to grab a drink or coffee

This is when my conscious kicks in and I come clean, confess that I am nothing but a worthless troll.


No sorry, These quotes are from a movie "Home Alone" I'm not really looking to get pounded

well if u not looking to get pounded or even a little bj then there is no point in having a convo

You might think it was funny if You've seen the movie, It's a John Hughes Classic

i did saw the movie n i know exacley the part u are referring to but i am just not sure what u are looking for since u said we cant meet up

I don't think he's ever seen it.

This one has less to do with Home Alone, but I just liked it.

White Guy:

26, 5'10", 230, average length but thick cock. Are you calling someone out for real? Or are you calling out any guy

Attached is a picture of his wang and for refrence a bottle held against it.


what kind of shampoo is that?

White Guy:

Its not shampoo... Its my ex's lotion bottle. Its an avon product. Do you have pics?


Avon huh? I didn't know people ordered from those catalogs still.

White Guy:

She ordered online bc she sold it for extra money


OH yeah! I forgot people did that, door to door...Avon

White Guy:

No, she posted flyers and left catalogs everywhere... People called her, and she did very well, $1200 a month for the year she sold it

In good faith, here's more

Attached is three more pictures

The first one is a some sex toys on a towel, including one that looks like a baseball on a rope...
The second is a Magnum condom still in it's wrapper.
and the third is....


Is that last picture a bit of the lotion?

White Guy:

No... I was rubbing one out and that's what made the piece of paper... The rest landed in the sink and went down the drain



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