Wednesday, August 31, 2011

am I pervy?

I frequent Craigslist way more often than any one person should, It's becoming a problem. I like to post in the classifieds, mostly in casual encounters and missed connections because I get the best reply. I never answer any reply I get cause I'm a pussy and lots of times it's just pictures of red bulbous genitalia. But today I posted a good one. I simply asked the gentleman of Craigslist to send me pictures of tattoos. and I got them. good ones.

So. I don't know what this is. I think it's a spray can and a "tag"
that's cool, I like graffiti if it's done well. But it is kinda illegal so, like, maybe you shouldn't have gotten evidence you committed a crime put on your body forever.

I like everything about this picture. I didn't want to blur out his face, but I made him look like a bacon painting. I can only hope that the man in the picture, took this photo, looked at it and then cheesed hard as shit.

I got about 20 or so emails in about an hour and I'm still getting them, but I'm only going to post one more.

It's a severed zombie hand. cute. He wants to stick a corpse's dead moldy fingers inside someone. That would be quite a shock.

I don't really know why I do these things. I don't normally tell anyone either. It's okay though- the Internet doesn't count because it's not really real. But I am really looking at a picture of some guys dong stretched out over his wrist.

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